Asia and the Middle East

From China and Japan in the east to The Philippines and Indonesia in the south, west to the Middle East in the south and the Ural Mountains in the north.

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ISAAC-WILLIAMS, Mark L. Over 200 colour photos. 61 line drawings.

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O'BYRNE, Peter

Illustrates and gives information on 401 species in 94 genera each with a colour photo of the flower.  There is a map showing the distribution of the species.  There are easy to read pictograms that show what the plant looks like and how it should be cultivated.


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RAO, A. S.

short descriptions, flowering periods, and distribution of a small, random sample of orchids, in an effort to give an idea of the range of species and diversity found in the Orchidaceae. Contains 30 b&w photos; 8 colour photos and line drawings.


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Orchidaceae is the largest family of plants in Bhutan with no fewer than 132 genera and 570 species being confirmed from this area.  All are described in this book.  128 colour photographs.


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31 - 34 of 34 results