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Product no.: OB12057


Illustrates the broomrapes, often classed as the most interesting plants in the world.  Covers all central and northern Europe species; aids in identification, many drawings.

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Product no.: OB21006

de VOSJOLI, Philippe

There are more than 2000 plants that qualify as pachyforms or "fat plants". Pachyforms is illustrated with over 350 colour photographs and packed with practical advice, including cultivation notes on 135 species.

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Product no.: OB21014

KAMEMOTO, Haruyuki & KUEHNLE, Adelheid R.

Summarizes more than 40 years of research work with breeding systems, plant genetics, and the development of improved varieties.  Hundreds of colour photographs illustrate species, hybrids and cultivars.

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Product no.: OB50811

DUNK, Gillian Contains a wealth of practical information on how to propagate and successfully grow ferns in the house, greenhouse or garden.Describes over 200 species that are most readily available throughout the world through nurseries and specialised growers.

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Product no.: OB50812

BEST, Ray Describes many of the most easily grown ferns that are available to Australian gardeners,


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Product no.: OB21031

CAVE, Yvonne

Descriptions and cultivation information for 60 genera and hundred of species of these water-storing plants.

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Product no.: OB521015


Clivias are easy to grow and can tolerate considerable abuse.  This is the first book covering the genus, with sections of discovery, cultivation, hybridisation and propagation.  Beautifully illustrated with 118 colour photographs.


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