Pre-Owned Books

We purchase private libraries to offer our clients a wide range of top quality pre-owned titles.

We have multiple copies of a large percentage of the titles listed on our site. The books displayed may not be the best condition nor the worst condition - they may not be the most expensive nor the least expensive - not any particular print run if the book has been reprinted - just a random sample of the selection available. If you are seeking a specific print run of a particular title or a book of differing condition to the one listed - please contact us as we may be able to help you.

By Region

Depicts the orchids from a specific geographical area.

Conferences and Papers

Transcripts of lectures presented at conferences and workshops.


These are the books generally referred to as 'coffee table' books.


This is where you can find a name for that orchid.


To assist in all aspects of breeding and growing orchids "from flask to flower".


Scientific or technical publications specifically for references purposes.