Australasia / Pacific

Australasia / Pacific

Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and all the islands east to the International Date Line.

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Product no.: OB12053

JONES, David L.

This publication concentrates on the orchids found in Tasmania. Contains 64 colour photos and 62 line drawings. Details 180 taxa of Tasmanian orchidaceae with 44 new species and 2 sub species.

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Product no.: OB12153

JONES, David L. and CLEMENTS, Mark A.

A complete monographic treatment of Pterostylis. Covers the historical background, classification, distribution, floral morphology, biology, ecology and phylogeny of Pterostylis.  Complemented with colour plates.

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Product no.: OB12307

JONES, David L. & CLEMENTS, Mark A.

Details of new taxa of Australian Orchidaceae.

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Product no.: OB12311


Covers 142 orchids of the southern corner of  Western Australia.   Well illustrated and lots of maps of where to see the orchids in the field.

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Product no.: OB12076

MILLAR, Andreé

Andreé lived in Papua New Guinea from 1947 and spent many years working and exploring the country.  Each of the 203 orchid species listed has a brief description of habitat.

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Product no.: OB12101

UPTON, Walter T.

128 colour plates; 34 B&W figures.  Describes all species.

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Product no.: OB12296


1490 colour photos of 363 species.

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Product no.: OB12332

de Lange, Peter; Rolfe, Jeremy; St George, Ian; Sawyer, John ,

A field guide to the orchids of this region of New Zealand.  A very well presented and comprehensive book. 

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Product no.: OB12370


A compilation of various expeditions to Cape York Peninsular between 1976 and 1989.

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Product no.: OB12378


The history of orchid discovery in Australia's tropics.

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Product no.: OB12384

COOTES Jim and TIONG George -  110 species are represented in this guide.

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Product no.: OB12284


Dendrobiums have many different habitats which has resulted in an extremely diverse group of plants with a multitude of plant forms featuring interesting, exquisite, colourful flowers.  Describes and illustrates in colour 411 species.  189 New Guinea species are illustrated.

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