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Product no.: OB12126

ROBERTS, Jacqueline A.; ANUKU, Sharon et al

CITES reference list of orchidaceae covers Aerangis, Angraecum, Ascocentrum, Bletilla, Brassavola, Calanthe, Catasetum, Miltonia, Miltonioides, Miltoniopsis, Renanthera, Renantherella, Rhynchostylis, Rossioglossum, Vanda and Vandopsis. All text in English, French and Spanish.

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Product no.: OB12098

STEWART, Joyce (Ed.)

Comprehensive information about numerous species of over 200 genera listed alphabetically;  many drawings; very detailed.

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Product no.: OB12261

HEW, C.S. & YONG, W.H.

This book has been prepared to assist those involved in the flower production industry, by improving their cultivation and management skills and to guide new students in understanding orchid physiology.

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Product no.: OB12245

UPTON, Walter T.

227 colour photographs, 107 b&w figures covering 200 different species as well as many descriptive drawings.

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Product no.: OB12331

Wen-Huei Chen & Hong-Hwa Chen (eds),

This interesting book focuses on the recent advances in orchid biotechnology research in the last 10 years in Taiwan.



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Product no.: OB12344

ALRICH, Peggy and HIGGINS, Wesley.

The dictionary is the most comprehensive collection of orchid genera nomenclature to date with over 3800 names.

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